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Parent Workshop

The parent workshop is geared for parents who want to supplement their child’s Kriah learning at home. There are various course options for children of different ages.

Principals and school directors can book a presentation for the parents of their school.
Available in-person and virtually

Available workshop topics:

Parents of All Ages:

The Science of Reading Hebrew
(Duration 2 hours)

Preschool Parents:

Understand how to help your child learn, identify and retain the Alef Beis
(Duration: 1 hour)

Pre-1A Parents:

Understand how your child is being taught in school and how you can help at home
(Duration: 2 hours)

Elementary School Parents

How To Train for Proper Davening
(Duration 2 hours)

How To Help Your Child At Home To Improve Reading In Class
(Duration 2 hours)