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Expert Workshop

The expert workshop is geared primarily for Pre-1-A teachers and parents teaching Kriah.

The course covers everything needed to be a Kriah professional, starting from the science of reading Loshon Hakodesh till the minute details of setting up the Kriah classroom.

The course comes with a detailed calendar going through every Kriah lesson of the year.

Upon completing this course, you will receive a Hamesorah Accreditation Certificate reflecting your knowledge and training in the Mesorah Method of Kriah.
This two-part course takes place over the span of one year.

Part 1: Foundational Intensive Training Program

This takes place during the summer, before the start of the school year.
For men: A six-hour Sunday training session.
For women: Four weekday evening Zooms, ninety minutes each.

Topics include:
What is the Mesorah
The Science of Reading Hebrew - Part 1
Practically Teaching Kriah from Komatz to Shuruk.
Setting Up Your Day for Optimal Success.
Different Classroom Models
Art In Kriah
Every Child A Reader

Part 2: Building As We Go

This takes place once a month over Zoom, ninety minutes each.

Topics Include:
Teaching Closed Syllables
Understanding the Shva
Dikduk in Kriah
The Uncommon Kriah Rules
Transitioning to the Siddur
Becoming Fluent Readers
The Science of Reading Hebrew - Part 2
Becoming Ready for Chumash
Achieving Accuracy and Fluency in Davening
Ensuring Retention and Growth in Reading

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