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Expert Workshop

Geared primarily for Pre-1-A teachers, while parents teaching Kriah can greatly benefit.

The course covers everything needed to be a Kriah professional, starting from the science of reading Loshon HaKodesh to the minute details of setting up the Kriah classroom.

The course comes with a detailed lesson planner and calendar going through every Kriah lesson of the year.

This course consists of two parts:

Part 1: The Kriah Foundations

Fully preparing you with everything needed before the school year starts, so you can walk into the Kriah classroom and start teaching with confidence.

Topics include:
What is the Mesorah
The Science of Decoding
Practically Teaching Kriah from Komatz to Shuruk.
Setting Up Your Day for Optimal Success.
Different Classroom Models
Using Art In Kriah
Every Child A Reader

Part one takes place during the summer, before the start of the school year.


A six-hour Sunday in-person training session

Stay tuned for the next course starting this summer Bezh


Four weekday evening Zooms, ninety minutes each.

Stay tuned for the next course starting this summer Bezh

Part 2: Building As You Go

As you move along teaching Kriah and come to the next stages, you will have access to online classes mapping out in detail the road forward.

In this part, you can watch the workshops in our online classroom at your convenience.

Topics Include:
Teaching Closed Syllables
Understanding the Shva
The build of the word - Dikduk
The Uncommon Rules
Becoming Fluent Readers
Demystifying the Different Texts
Achieving Accuracy and Fluency in Davening
Ensuring Retention and Growth in Reading