Welcome to the Hamesorah Kriah training academy where adults learn the Mesorah method of teaching Kriah using tried and tested tools.

Explore the workshop categories detailed below to find the course that best suits your needs.


Explore the science of Kriah and learn how to maximize the Mesorah method so every child can become a proficient Hebrew reader. Learn what expectations to have from children when creating healthy readers. Understand the different training modalities for different types of reading and make reading accurate and fluent in all areas.

The course is geared for Pre-1-A teachers, Parents teaching Kriah, and all Kriah Professionals.

Learn how to have a Kriah conscious classroom, making sure that every student is properly reading the current text being learned. Understand the level of your students’ reading, improve their Kriah, and remedy classic errors.

Workshops are geared for Elementary teachers of grades one through four



Learn the optimal method of teaching Alef Beis to give your students a strong foundation for reading. Understand the foundation of Kriah and help your young students understand and retain the letters so they are ready to master reading.

The course is geared for Preschool teachers

Supplement your child’s Kriah training by understanding the tools your child is gaining in the classroom. Give extra support at home to help your children of all age groups improve their Kriah.

Workshops are geared for parents of elementary children