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Hamesorah brings the age-old methodology of teaching Kriah into the modern classroom to
ensure that every child can read Hebrew properly.


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A Message from the Founder

Welcome to Hamesorah Academy, where Kriah experts, teachers, and parents acquire the tools needed to take their Kriah training to the next level. As a third-generation Kriah teacher with many years of experience, I have extensive knowledge of the Mesorah method and developed many workshops to bring that information to others engagingly and effectively. I look forward to helping you to become an effective Kriah teacher to bring out the full potential of every child in your care.


Rabbi Avrohom Schtroks

What People Say

Thank you for the informative, engaging, relevant and practical workshop. The children are excited, engaged and learning well. Your availability for follow up advice is very valuable to help tweak the system to fit my specific classroom and needs.

Levi, Melbourne, Australia

“For years my son has not been able to read, recently I brought my son to Rabbi Schtroks and within 20 minutes he was able to see things which the others haven’t, he gave us practical solutions, and ever since things are moving in the right direction BH.”

Rabbi R, Monsey NY

“Classes are truly full of practical tips in classroom management and specially in ‏קריאה skills…” “I always look forward to taking part in the next coming zoom as well as your willingness to speak privately with teachers to answer any classroom/reading challenges”

Rabbi P. Brooklyn NY

“My son was struggling with kriah. I have tried different methods in teaching Kriah and none seem to be working for my children…” “Rabbi Schtroks taught us the Mesorah… My son is now reading better than his older brothers, as his foundation is solid.”

Mrs. H. Florida

“I highly recommend the Hamesorah Kriah workshop. Information was given over in a very clear manner and included many visuals too. It is evident that a tremendous amount of time and effort went into the research and presentation of the workshop.”

Mrs. G. California

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